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“Geansai” pronounced “Ganzee” is the Gaelic word for a sweater or jersey.  In some Caribbean countries, it has evolved into another word for a T shirt.  And T shirts is what this business started out with.  Bright, fresh, quality shirts that are sold by and large as souvenirs of a great holiday on a wonderful island that is known globally as a playground for the rich and famous!  T shirts kick started the business that has now evolved to be the widest selection of souvenir merchandise available in any single location. Caps, towels, mugs, key chains, fridge magnets, pepper sauces…..  the list is almost endless.

There are Ganzee shops in all the popular parts of the Island.  From the Chattel House Village on the west coast through to The Crane Hotel in the deep south and at several locations in between.  In Bridgetown inside Cave Shepherd, at the Quayside Mall in Rockley as well as in both air and seaports.

Most of the merchandise on offer has been designed in-house and is only available at Ganzee shops.

Check us out, we guarantee you’ll find something for everyone on your shopping list and at duty free prices!


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