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Great Views


Below are a list of places for great views and photos:

Hackleton’s Cliff

Located in the parish of St. Joseph, bordering St. John, Hackleton's Cliff rises steeply to a height of over one thousand feet above sea-level. It is a limestone cliff with beautiful views of the Scotland District. According to legend, it is named Mr. Hackleton, who committed suicide by riding his horse at full speed off the edge of the cliff. The view of the east coast looking north to Pico Tenerife in St. Lucy is simply spectacular. You also look down onto the wild Atlantic Ocean and the next landmass across the Atlantic is Africa.  

Cherry Tree Hill

Just past St. Nicholas Abbey, in the parish of St. Andrew, is a very old mahogany grove and this leads out onto Cherry Tree Hill. Overlooking sugar cane fields, you will get a magnificent view of the east coast looking south. It is approximately 850 feet above sea level. You can see East Point lighthouse in the distance. Look out for the St. Nicholas Abbey Heritage Railway’s steam locomotive.

Gun Hill Signal Station

Gun Hill Signal Station, located in the parish of St. George, offers panoramic of southern half of the island, including Bridgetown. While there you can explore the historic signal station and check out the lion of gun hill at the bottom of the hill.

North Point

North Point, in the parish of St. Lucy is located at the northern tip of the island. There are rugged cliffs and the waves normally crash against them sending spray high into the air. You can also visit the Animal Flower Cave or have lunch in the beautifully appointed restaurant. You can also enjoy the view, and there are benches where you can relax and take in the spectacle. Also, keep an eye out for whales.

Bottom Bay

The cliff at Bottom Bay, in the parish of St. Philip, provides a beautiful view of the stunning beach. Bottom Bay is featured in many travel magazines and travel advertisements, and this is because of the aquamarine water, extremely white sand, jagged cliffs, and tall coconut trees that sway in the breeze. This is truly a magnificent beach.


Just before the left turn into Tent Bay, when going up the hill, on the way out of Bathsheba, in the parish of St. Joseph, there is a great view looking north. You will have to stop at the side of the road to enjoy this view overlooking a grove of banana trees. It is great photo opportunity

St. John’s Church

St. John’s Church is perched on the southern end of Hackleton’s cliff, and you can get a stunning view north overlooking the Scotland District, as well as south east overlooking Ragged Point and East Point Lighthouse. While there you can explore the church, that dates back to 1645, and also the interesting graveyard.


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