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El Tigre Catamaran Cruise

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The El Tigre and El Tigre II schooner catamarans are built for performance, stability and comfort. With the ability to carry 50 people we limit our cruises to only 36 passengers for absolute comfort on board.

Each of the catamarans offers daily lunch cruises that will delight you by taking you to swim and snorkel with the friendly sea turtles, and again over some shipwrecks. Explore how the shipwrecks have been transformed into a playground for many tropical fish!

The ...  El Tigre catamarans also host a sunset “Cocktails and Canapés” event. After snorkeling over the shipwrecks and with the sea turtles enjoy the vibrant colours of a sunset in paradise. Sparkling wine, cocktails & canapés are available as attentive and warm-hearted crew cater to your every need. This cruise is also ideal for working professionals seeking to unwind on the ocean and revitalize themselves.

Private cruises can also be arranged for any occasion and tailored to your desires. 

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