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Cool Runnings IV Luxury

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Described as the ‘Rolls Royce of catamaran excursions’, Cool Runnings Catamaran Cruises offers elegant personalized trips around the west coast of Barbados.  The luxury cruises offer guests the opportunity to sail across clear blue tranquil water in the utmost comfort, either privately or within a small group of up to 18 people.  During their excursion guests can choose from a number of activities, the cruise provides guided tours beneath the ocean where visitors can swim with turtles or explore abandoned shipwrecks.  Meanwhile, above the water guests can glide around on paddle boards.  The catamaran is immaculate; in between fun in the sun guests can relax in a stunning air-conditioned lounge whilst being served cocktails, premium wines and spirits, providing the perfect formula to unwind.  On board, guests are the top priority, the experienced captain and professional crew go out of their way to ensure that visitors get the most out of their trip.  Throughout the day the onboard chef prepares lunch consisting of fresh local ingredients.  Guests can enjoy delicious meals starting with a delicate canape followed by elegant mains and ending with a scrumptious dessert.


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