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Oistins is located in Christ Church in the south of the island. Oistins is known for its Fish Fry, which attracts both visitors and locals, and is especially busy on a Friday night.

There are numerous kiosks selling food and drinks, and you normally eat at long tables shared by a variety of people. There is music playing, and dancing as the night progresses, and the atmosphere is festive.

On the eastern side, several locals play dominoes and they fiercely slam them on the tables. These games are taken very serioulsy.

There are also several craft vendors lining the beach, so it’s a good place to buy local souvenirs.

A typical dinner is comprises of grilled or fried fish, with sides like macaroni pie, tossed salad, plantain, peas and rice sweet potato and breadfruit (when in season). More expensive items like lobster are available. Please note that dolphin is mahi mahi and not the mammal. A typical meal should be between BDS $25.00 and $30.00.  


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