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Barbados Wildlife Reserve

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Welcome to the Barbados Wildlife Reserve, located in the northern parish of St. Peter. Come and wonder along our shady cobble stone paths meandering through a forest of mahogany trees and look carefully for the animals shyly watching from the undergrowth. Our troop of Green Monkeys are free to come and go as they please, so keep your eyes and ears alert, for there is no telling when the troop will venture into the Reserve. Relax on a bench along the path, appreciate the natural environment that surrounds you and observe our animals as they go about their daily lives. Usually in this quiet moment our troop of Green Monkeys will suddenly appear. Watch as they play like children up, down and through the trees. While enjoying the company of these human like animals, please do not be tempted by their cute, intelligent ways and keep your distance at all times, as they are not pets. Feeding time is at 2pm daily and you are usually guaranteed to see them at this time. There is also a feeding time at our sister forest at Grenade Hall Forest at 11am daily.We hope you enjoy your visit to Barbados and look forward to seeing you at the Barbados Wildlife Reserve. Please feel free to contact us at 1(246) 422-8826 for directions or enquiries.

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