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Stades Rum Tasting and Beach Experience

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Against the backdrop of turquoise waters, your sensory adventure extends to the Brighton Beach Deck and Bar, guided by our skilled mixologist. Commence with a Welcome cocktail and delve into the history and techniques of rum production showcased in our wall exhibit. Taste firsthand the diversity of styles and flavor profiles that have made Barbados rum renowned worldwide. Sample four exceptional rums carefully selected from the esteemed Stade’s Rum and Planteray Rum ranges. Each sip reflects our mission at Stade’s Visitor Centre: to craft the world’s finest rum on the very island where rum was born. Conclude your experience with a moment of serenity on the soft sands of Brighton Beach, serenaded by the gentle rhythm of waves just beyond our doors.


Your host, Ramon Watson, and his dedicated team extend a warm invitation to Stade’s Visitor Centre, promising an unforgettable visit. Ramon, a self-professed “rum geek,” shares his fervor for the best of Barbados, ensuring your journey into the world of Stade’s is nothing short of extraordinary.

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