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As the absolute authority, with well over 10 thousand flights to date, we here at Jetblade Barbados have put Barbados on the map for this experience, championing the island as the go to Caribbean island for this electrifying thrill. Hydro flight is a unique feeling like none other and is the stuff that visiting thrill seekers' dreams are made of. Our brief lesson puts you at the helm of this truly unique product. We control the power and you control flight direction. This is the key to safety for all of our guests, including non-swimmers. All equipment floats and you have a vest throughout this super personalized adventure. Our style facilitates a rapid learning curve for vacationing celebs., honeymooning couples, families, children, solo pilots and many locals, leaving many with an enduring story. It has been our sole mission since inception "to envoke those deep seated emotions inside everyone such as adrenaline, excitement and awe no matter what walk of life you come from". It has always been about why we do what we do. Thank you for trusting us and recognizing our personal passion. No one knows more about this one subject than us. 

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