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Harrison's Cave

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Harrison’s Cave offers visitors a unique experience, which leaves a positive, lasting impression in the minds of all who take any of our exciting tours. On the signature Tram Tour, guests are driven aboard a tram, where the underground cave system, with awesome caverns, breath-taking formations, crystal clear pools and cascading waterfalls are highlighted.

The Eco-Adventure Tour experience is perfect for nature and adventure enthusiasts. On this tour visitors trek along the nature trails surrounding Harrison’s Cave before embarking on this underground exploration, as only the early explorers did.  They get an intimate look at the cave’s formations and venture to breath-taking points not seen on any other Harrison’s Cave tour.

The Walk-in tour experience gives visitors the opportunity to walk along the tram path getting a closer look at the caves formations in small groups of guided tours. 

We at Harrison’s Cave continuously focus on environmental initiatives and conservation and preservation practices of the cave and surrounding environs.  These are highlighted in our other tours including the Technical Tour, the Bat Programme and the Junior Explorers’ Tour, the latter two being geared towards children ages 5 to 12 years old.

All of our tours offer an educational aspect to both adults and children.  They also help in marketing Barbados as a tourist destination with high quality attractions.

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